Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you price your menus?

    How do I pay?

    Who provides the plates, cups, knives, etc?

    What are plated lunches?

    What type of glasses are provided for drinking?

    Do you provide decor for events?

    Does your company do rentals?

    How does Island Weddings operate?

    What happens to excess food or drink at the end of an event?

    How long will Island Catering remain at an event?

    Is there a minimum coverage for your catering?

    Can I order a single item from your menu, such as a lasagna?

    Do you charge extra for deliveries outside of St. Georges?

    What's the lead time for placing orders?

    Do you do bars?

    If you provide bar services for me, does the leftover drinks belong to me?

    If I provide drinks, would you provide the bar service?

    If Island Catering is catering a function for me, would you allow me to add some of my own personal food to your buffet?

    Can I order food from you a day before so I can store it for use for the next day?

    Can I request a certain staff member work at my function?

    Do you have venues you can recommend?

    Can I order and pick up the items?

    Do you cater Gift Baskets?

    Feel free to contact us if you need any further information.
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